Google+ and +1 What does it mean for businesses

Google have introduced +1 in March, but the changes including Google+ were only released today. The recent development only confirmed the rumours that Google have been working on their own social network. But it’s much more than just another social networking tool and the changes will have significant implications for businesses. Here are some of […]

How to search in Jersey Local search tips

Searching Google from Jersey, Channel Islands could be frustrating. Take a look at the examples below: Even on Google struggles to differentiate between New Jersey, US and Jersey, CI. As you can see in the screenshot below Google thinks that Papa John’s or Domino’s are available in Jersey, Channel Islands. Island’s local restaurants such […]

Who said it first according to Google

Gerd Leonhard delivered a wonderful presentation at the future of digital marketing in London last week. In his presentation Gerd used the quote “data is the new oil of the Internet”. He wasn’t sure who the author was but thought the quote was a powerful statement, particularly in relation to the social networking & sharing […]

Wolfram|Alpha vs. Google comparison

After reading Ericks’ article and comments on how Google will crush Wolfram|Alpha I thought it would be good to summmarise the discussion as there seem to be a lot of confusion what Wolfram|Alpha is/isn’t. See the differences in the table below and feel free to adda comment if you think I missed anything. At the […]

Will the Semantic Web (Web 3.0) Lead to Perfect Competition?

First thoughts about Internet becoming Perfect Competition market appeared in 2000. Will the Internet Lead to Perfect Competition?. The article highlihgts two main barriers to the Perfect Competition market structure. These are price discrimination and marketing costs of market entry. With more advanced Web the remaining requirements are likely to be fulfilled and this includes […]