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After moving to Zurich in Switzerland, I’ve been observing the digital services market and found that there are a lot of great specialist companies, experienced in digital services. Although the local companies excel in their respective fields of expertise, I learned that integration of these services into one offering is challenging for them and for their customers. On one hand the agencies aren’t set up to handle multiple services on the other hand customers are forced to manage multiple suppliers. This can not only lead to a lot of friction but also poor performance from digital channels because the suppliers are pulling in different directions.

This is how what. was born – at what. we combine digital services, from web development, analytics to digital marketing and offer them as one in order to solve digital problems & take advantages of opportunities for our customers.

We not only tell you what stops your business from increasing online leads or sales, but we’ll also quantify it with data, show you how the solution could look like and we can also implement the improved solution.

We are international from the start to benefit from the expertise from our network, regardless of the location. Therefore our development team in Poland, UX Design in the UK and our strategy and management office in Zurich.

Please take a look at our newly launched website at www.what.digital Looking forward to hearing your comments.

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