How to buy an autonomous car

Have you ever wondered? Most likely not, it’s like asking yourself how to select a new AI bot to manage your finances. Here at the end of 2016 as a technology company we need to predict the future and shoot ahead of the duck to stay relevant, that’s why we decided to launch a comparison […] Zurich, Switzerland

After moving to Zurich in Switzerland, I’ve been observing the digital services market and found that there are a lot of great specialist companies, experienced in digital services. Although the local companies excel in their respective fields of expertise, I learned that integration of these services into one offering is challenging for them and for […]

2015 Digital and Tech Events in Zurich and Switzerland

2015 is going to be a busy year if you are planning to attend tech meetups and digital conferences in Zurich and other parts of Switzerland. I’ve recently moved here and created this list to keep track of all the events. I am still learning about the digital scene in Switzerland, so please let me […]

Google+ and +1 What does it mean for businesses

Google have introduced +1 in March, but the changes including Google+ were only released today. The recent development only confirmed the rumours that Google have been working on their own social network. But it’s much more than just another social networking tool and the changes will have significant implications for businesses. Here are some of […]

Book Review The ZEN of Social Media Marketing Shama

ABOUT THE BOOK: Title: The ZEN of social media marketing Author: Shama Hyder Kabani Target: Marketers, anyone responsible for companies’ social media efforts, small business owners. KEY POINTS – Great book if you are new to online marketing and social media. Shama’s book gives a practical overview of social media and its role in digital […]

10 things Big Brands can learn from Small Business Marketing

I always believed it was difficult to manage complex online campaigns with national or global reach and relatively big budget. I’ve gained most of my digital marketing experience working with blue-chip, established companies with strong brand awareness. I joined E-scape in Sept 2010 and since then I have been managing a number of successful online […]

How to search in Jersey Local search tips

Searching Google from Jersey, Channel Islands could be frustrating. Take a look at the examples below: Even on Google struggles to differentiate between New Jersey, US and Jersey, CI. As you can see in the screenshot below Google thinks that Papa John’s or Domino’s are available in Jersey, Channel Islands. Island’s local restaurants such […]

Book Review Marketing in The Age of Google Fox

ABOUT THE BOOK: Title: Marketing in the Age of Google: Your Online Strategy IS Your Business Strategy Author: Vannessa Fox Target: corporate executives, organic search for non-search audience KEY POINTS: – Useful overview of Google Trends and Google Insights for Search. – Keyword categorisation e.g. brand, product reference, other etc. e.g. San Diego B&B could […]

MyFAQ: Google Analytics Top Tips

I got into the habit of creating my personal FAQs, things that aren’t complicated but sometimes difficult to find. Thought might be worth sharing with others. I started my Google Analytics FAQ page for this purpose, will keep updating it, here’s a selection of my FAQs so far: Q: How to export more than 500 […]