MyFAQ: Google Analytics Top Tips

I got into the habit of creating my personal FAQs, things that aren’t complicated but sometimes difficult to find. Thought might be worth sharing with others. I started my Google Analytics FAQ page for this purpose, will keep updating it, here’s a selection of my FAQs so far: Q: How to export more than 500 […]

Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics Review

“Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics” by Brian Clifton is the first and only comprehensive Google Analytics manual. Brian Clifton is web analytics expert who worked at Google helping to develop Google Analytics for more than 2.5 years. There is probably not many people in the world who know more about the product. So when […]

Content effectiveness or popularity measure

One of the metrics that I’ve discovered in Google Analytics recently allows measuring the effectiveness of different sections of your site. You probably heard people using the “content effectiveness”. Some people refer to this measure when talking about a report, which shows you the volumes of visits to each group of pages on your website […]