MyFAQ: Google Analytics Top Tips

I got into the habit of creating my personal FAQs, things that aren’t complicated but sometimes difficult to find. Thought might be worth sharing with others. I started my Google Analytics FAQ page for this purpose, will keep updating it, here’s a selection of my FAQs so far:

Q: How to export more than 500 rows in Google Analytics?
A: Open the report, which you want to export and add &limit=50000€ť to the end of your URL. You will still see the number of rows that you selected at the bottom of the page. But, when you export it to CSV you will see up to 50,000 lines. Important: Make sure you select CSV, this simple trick doesn’t work with other formats.

Q: How to use filters to include data only from one subfolder?
A: Go to Analytics Settings then Filters, type in filter name and select “Predefined Filter”-> “Include only” -> “traffic to the subdirectories” -> “match” and put the name of the subdirectory e.g. ^/Blog/. Then all you need to do is apply the filter to the profile that you would like to use to analyse the data for that subdirectory (i.e. Blog)

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